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Personalized Cufflinks For Men With Own Photos Leave a comment

Supply us with your favorite photo, picture or text and we will make you a set of personalized cufflinks to treasure forever.

Each pair of cufflinks is carefully made to exacting standards to give you a high-class finish. Your image will be encased in a hard wearing crystal clear resin dome, which is then set into high-quality square or oval cufflinks with a silver or gold plated polished gloss finish. All cufflinks are presented in a high-quality display box.

The ability to design your own cuff links opens up a plethora of possibilities for gift ideas. Modern printing techniques allow very intricate designs to be reproduced in miniature which is perfectly suited for bespoke cufflinks.

We use modern printing heads that reproduce at 2400 dpi which gives high-quality photo printing. The only thing which may cause a quality problem is the original artwork as supplied by the customer. We recommend that any photographs or artworks are supplied in the highest quality possible, as a rule of thumb the photo file size should be greater than 0.5Mbyte. If the photo is a bit too small, all is not lost because we will enhance and adjust the artwork to achieve the best results. If there is a danger of a poor result you will be informed and your approval obtained before your custom cufflinks are manufactured.

Any standard file format is acceptable, usually, JEG, GIF, BMP, and TIF are the normal file types supplied but other types are acceptable such as PNG, CPT, PCX, TGA, IMG, FPX, PSD, and EPS.

Personalized photo cufflinks are particularly suited for presents on Fathers day and Christmas day, a picture of a family group or loved ones can be inserted into your personalized cuff links. One favorite variation is to have a picture of the partner in one cuff link and a picture of his children in the other cuff-link. Fathers day usually calls for pictures of the children to be on both cufflinks either singly or as a group.

Photograph cufflink designs are not restricted to just children and loved ones, pictures of pets or cars or favorite personalities can be incorporated into your cufflink design.

Customized cufflinks are good for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, graduation day, confirmation day, anniversaries and job promotion. Text cufflink designs are usually used for these special occasion cufflinks and names or dates or special messages can be incorporated into the design. Once you have let Design-link know which text you would like on your cufflinks our designer will produce a few designs using various fonts and you can choose your favorite or suggest any changes to fine-tune the design.

Company or club logos are perfect for insertion into personalized cufflinks and substantial discounts can be obtained when surprisingly small quantities of personalized logo cufflinks are ordered. For example, an order for 100 pairs will attract a price of only £8.99 per pair.

All of our designs are suitable for oval, square and rectangular cufflinks but some designs are particularly suited to one shape, for instance, photographs are usually best in a square cufflink and 80% of all photo cufflinks supplied are the square type.

However, 80% of all text personalized wedding cufflinks supplied are the oval type. One of the beauties of customized text wedding cufflinks is the ability to have a color background to match the color theme of the wedding.

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