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dress shirt

Coordinating a Dress-Shirt, Tie and Sport Coat or Suit Leave a comment

Coordination or Lack Thereof

dress shirt
dress shirt

What are the “rules” to keep in mind when coordinating a dress-shirt, tie & sport coat or suit?

1. Avoid patterns that are too similar.
I love vertical wearing stripes. They give you that long sculpted look. But it is easy to overdo when you throw on a jacket and tie. Stick with the basics. You can’t miss with a classic pinstripe black or navy suit.

2. Select complementary colors and patterns.
Plaid can be very contemporary, but you have to know what you are doing. There are many subtle differences; gingham, tartan, houndstooth, and Welsh to name a few.

3. Don’t wear combinations that are drastically different.
The patterns and colors should not compete with one another. When in doubt, wear a solid neutral colored shirt.

4. Match large patterns with small patterns or vice versa.
A good example would be a tartan coat and pinstripe tie.

5. Don’t overdo one pattern or color.
Subtle differences in cloth dying make mono-chromaticism impractical. Match particular elements such as shirt and socks or tie and belt.

The rules listed above are what you should just keep in mind when making your selections. The key is feeling comfortable wearing your ensemble. Many times there will be combinations that seem to fit the rules but do not look right together. Always use your own judgment to determine what works for you.

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